Sunday, May 21, 2006

Artist Lisa Grant

Life is funny isn't it? Why do I say that today? Well, I was thinking about my adventure at the Celebration of Arts in Midland yesterday. Renea, Heather, and I attended this event yesterday morning. I was so excited the minute I walked in to the Midland Convention Center! I could see booth after booth of beautiful art. We looked and looked and enjoyed conversations with the artists. Some of the artists were local and some from as far away as Ohio I believe. While talking to these artists, I did my own little personal survey and was delighted to discover that so many of them were self-taught artists. I suppose that was an encouragement to me!

Anyway, about the "life is funny part". Renea and I happened upon booth that caught our eye. It was just the kind of art we love. Such depth, texture, and imagination. Even inspirational! We stayed there for some time before I realized I had discovered this artist in an ad once for an Art Gallery in Fredricksberg, Texas. I had actually cut out that ad (last year, I believe) and added it to my creativity journal -because I loved the piece so much. Here is a pic of my journal entry:

Lisa Grant was a very nice lady. She was so kind in sharing her knowledge of how one can present their work to an art gallery and so on. Her mother was there with her and she was a kind and wonderful lady as well. You could just tell that these were good people! She (lisa) also told us about the lady (Patricia Karr) that owns the gallery in Fredricksberg, TX from that particular ad that I had discovered.

I was going to try and find out if we could present our work to her but, she only has local artists in her gallery. Maybe Renea and I should be looking at art galleries in our region? I have to do some research on that.

So, I came home totally inspired and ready to create something wonderful. Hence, the tile piece I'm working on. (below)

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Nancy Baumiller said...

Sounds like you had a great time...I am also a self taught artist...and I have got lots to learn much out there to absorb...and I try to absorb as much as possible...I would so enjoy meeting some of these artists fest is dream...way too many miles from me...classes here are far and few being South Carolina..I just keeping pushing and plugging along...self-representation is the hardest part...but I am enjoying the process and chatting with arty folks here....I cant wait to see that clay mosaic piece finished...dont rush ..take your time and enjoy it...hugs...Nancy