Saturday, May 20, 2006

Clay Mosaics

Well, I was so inspired by Lauris Mika at the Art and Soul retreat in Dallas. I did not even get to attend her workshop! But, I saw her work in the flea market. Oh, I loved the colors and patterns and textures. So, I was inspired to do my own version. It is not nearly as sophisticated as hers and I have no idea about her techniques...but it is mine. I can't hardly wait to finish it so I can share the finished piece with you. Here is a picture of what I have thus far. The pieces are not even glued in yet. I may not even leave the pieces where they are. But, this is my general idea...and the mess I'm making.

I just cut out little shapes with some cookie cutters and baked them-polymere clay. Then I used a polymere clay glaze to cover and make them shiny. I stamped some of them with stazon ink and different rubber stamps. I have set them inside of a wooden box lid. You can see the ridges on the top where I removed the hardware. This is where I am going to put the wire/bead hanger I think. The clay hand with clay heart is sitting inside a candle holder I got at walmart a long time ago and could not part with when the candle was spent. (So glad I keep everything) It was already a nice finished black and I painted the white checks on them. So, lets see how this thing turns out. I'm excited about this.


Nancy Baumiller said...

It is beautiful!...Looks like alot of fun! And all those little bits are going in it also?...If! Thanks for sharing this!

Carmen Sidlaruk said...

I love this mosaic. Can't wait to see it finished. I may have to try one of these.