Monday, May 15, 2006

ArT and Soul

Hey All,
I just got back from an art workshop/retreat called " Art and Soul" in the Dallas area. It was a girl's weekend get away for my sister Rhea, my daughter Heather, and me. The Art and Soul workshop was my agenda. Rhea and daughter went to the spa for all kinds of pampering.

Art and Soul
Oh my gosh! I can't wait to go to another one. My first workshop and I had a blast. I attended the Collage workshop by Claudine Hellmuth! Yes, I met Claudine Hellmuth and she is a gem. She is precious and kind and talented. I could just go on and on. I just really enjoyed this workshop. Here is a picture of me with Claudine. I'm such a dork...I had her sign both of my Claudine Hellmuth books. I learned some new techniques to create a 3d collage. I learned how to cut plexyglass to create a faux glass cover. I learned several techniques for creating texture in your piece. I also learned that in the art world, the layers and textures are referred to as "history" of a piece. Here is a link to Claudine Hellmuth's blog:

I met so many nice women at this workshop/retreat. The spirit of sharing of knowledge of techniques and art supplies was overwhelming. If you don't have something there that you need for your project... someone will and they will be glad to let you use it .


Claudine's mother said...

Thank you for the sweet comments about my daughter and for the lovely photo of you both. Hope to meet you sometimes. I use my vacation to go with Claudine on a workshop or two during the year. I'm totally unartistic but love meeting the people who take her classes. They are so warm and enthusiastic.

susan said...

what a great looking project you made, too! very cute - love the border.

Gari-Ann in Texas said...

Wow, your box turned out really cute! I went around the room after the class to see everyone's finished project, but I think you must have left already because I don't remember seeing it. It's great! I got some pictures of the girls sitting at my table and their boxes. I think everyone did such a great job..everyone's was so very different, but all were fantastic!