Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Inspirations From the Trip

This morning I'm pondering and thinking about how I get so inspired from going on these little excursions. I love to travel and go new places and meet new people! It gets me motivated, inspired and energized. I have to tell you this little story about one moment on the trip.
During lunch break, I decided to have a quick coffee and muffin so I could get back to my collage in Claudine's class. At first I sat down by myself at the bar facing the window outside. Then I looked around and discovered these two nice looking ladies wearing the art and soul name tags at a table. I asked them if I could join them and we started talking. These two ladies were from New Orleans. Of course, this lead to a discussion about the huricane and how it had affected their lives. Both of the ladies agreed that although their houses were not too badly damaged, their lives in New Orleans would never be the same. You could see the sadness in their faces as they talked about it. But, they admitted this trip was much needed and was an escape from all of the stresses back home.
Oh, also significant, they were best friends. You could see that they had been friends for a long time. They were so comfortable with each other...just like sisters. I am always intrigued by the friendships women form. HOw nice it is that they could escape from the reality of the destruction caused by Katrina and enjoy each other at this art&soul retreat!
Enough about that. I was inspired in many ways on this trip. But, in the art department, I was most inspired by Laurie Mika and her beautiful tile creations. You have to go see her stuff here: http://www.mikaarts.com/
So I went and bought some polymer clay yesterday with absolutely no idea of how to make these type of creations. I will try and find articles by her since I did not get to attend her workshop. Any tips would be appreciated!

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