Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Abstract Piece is Done!

I finally finished this piece. I would be interested in knowing what it means to you. That is the cool thing about art, there is no right interpretation. If you read earlier what this piece means to me then your ideas about it are already tainted with mine. If not, tell me what you think about it. Even if you did read my intentions earlier, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. It is a 16"X20" Mixed Media piece. I used collage elements to help create the feel I was going for.


Valerie said...

When I look at this piece I see a longing for the woman to pocess the bird or to take hold of what the bird represents.. the bird is only an arm length away yet the woman puts her hand behind her back and does not reach for it. She realizes that the bird is in another dimension of time... Leaves me with the question will she go after what she is seeking

Kari said...

I am going to comment right now then scroll down to see what you meant when you made it.

The woman is in a warm sunny place, she is contented and happy to show her vulnerability. But she has a deeper, darker side, the side of her soul that is rooted in the earth, but often takes flights of fantasy into the unknown nightime side of her imagination.

I found your blog via Valerie's group.

Kari x