Thursday, March 02, 2006

Art Journey

My goal this year is to get published in some way with my art. I am sending some pieces to Sommerset Studio. I am thinking of sending some slides and an application to CraftHouston 2006-I received something in the mail for this. I also think of writing some type of article for one of the many art magazines I read. That is my goal. I'm currently working on many things. I have a hard time staying focused on any one thing. This week, I'm working on a piece for the art show in Houston. I will put up the pic when it is done. I'm working on a Vintage Train Case for a friend and of course my little art journal. I have made a new friend in my journal art group on yahoo and she has agreed to make an entry in my circle journal. I will post some photos tonight to give you an idea of what is going on around here.
Bye for now


Rhea said...

Keep the goals up because I can tell just in the time you have been doing this that your knowledge and creativity is expanding and I think you will be published...because I am your biggest fan

Mersea said...

Isn't Sommerset a magazine?