Friday, March 17, 2006

Metal Tape Frame

I can't tell you how glad I am that it is Friday! Shew! What a week. I still have a full day ahead of me but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I want to show you this newest piece I did. It seems to go with the Creative Challenge regarding "frames" in my favorite yahoo group.

I was borrowing the idea from Karen Michel to use metal tape as a means to frame your picture. I used metal tape-had to get the guy at the hardware store to show me where it was after searching for a good 15 minutes! (By the way, hardware stores have some interesting things one could use in their art.) Anyway, I put the tape on, stamped it all over with a stamp with fancy writing-tiny. Then I used a stylus to put the swirls on the sides. That did not seem like enough so I embellished the frame with some eyelets (sp?). So, I still don't like this work! I did not like the lettering, I wish I would have had some smaller alphabet stamps-that is now on my list. And, I'm not totally thrilled with the frame. I am considering sponging some color to mute it some. Any suggestions? Maybe it is not awful, maybe it is just not quite done.


Valerie said...

The frame is awesome, Your colors are perfect. I love the whimsy, If wishes were fishes. I cannot figure out how you stamped the words on the frame. The eyelets do add to it. Now I want to go to the hardware store. (: Hey we are your favorite group blush, blush,... There are some fantastic folks there. Perfectly assembled together and you are such an inspiration. Glad you are actively diligent towards excellence in your art making. Blessings Valerie

YDR said...

I reallly like your work - well done.
I also like the fact you add comments and writing to your blogs, instead of just the art work itself. It adds a personal touch and your viewers get a chance to get to know you through your written thoughts!

Renea said...

Hey girl, I love your art. Always have, always will. Again I would love to see inside you brain. HEE HEE!!! Love ya sista'

Sandra Ink said...

Hey, I love your frame too. I just googled "metal tape art" because I was trying to see what else people are doing with this stuff. Someone just gave me a fat roll of it today because they just knew I'd find something fun to do with it. Gotta give credit for most of my better ideas to the "Google Girl" that's in me. I'm going to subscribe to you!