Friday, March 10, 2006

Polaroid Fun

So I bought one of those little instant photo cameras by Polaroid called an IZone 200. It was about 14.00 dollars and the film was around $10 for a pack of three. I bought this at Christmas time I believe and did not really use it until now. I lost my instructions and could not figure out how to load the darn thing. It's really not that hard but I think I was supposed to be a blond . Heehee. So I figured out how to load the thing by going to the Polaroid site (I guess there are a lot of dingy people like me out there). But this morning I discovered their "Creativity" site. This is really cool.

If you are interested in Polaroid transfer techniques-the instructions are here. Also, it has a great craft section (see the link at the bottom) for all kinds of fun things to do with Polaroids. Do you still have your old Polaroid? Anyway, instant gratification and lots of fun to be had with one of these things.

Back to my little Izone. It takes tiny little pics and my plan is to use these pics in my journals and journal swaps. I also found a cool idea for making wine glass charms that I may try this weekend. It looks very easy and would be a cute idea-even for me. I plan to take some pics today with my izone and I will share either tonight or tomorrow. Happy Friday!!! Yea!

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