Saturday, February 25, 2006

Journal Art

I completed Art Journal #3! Yes, I'm up early as usual. I completed one of my journals yesterday and I counted them and decided I am on Art Journal #4 now. I have more but three other books are just journals and memo book etc. So, I'm on art journal number 4! I have joined an art journal yahoo group and can't wait to get to know others who also enjoy this "sport". I have been studying all kinds of things on the web so I can improve my own techniques. I will tell you though, Teesha Moore's site is one of the best I have run into for my taste. She also has a great link to her page on journaling techniques. Here is her journal site

I have been working on my circle journal entry and have already invited Renea to participate. She said she would so she will be the first recipitant of this journal. FUN FUN FUN!

Here are my two latest journal art entries in Art Journal #4.

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