Thursday, February 23, 2006

Circle Journal is HERE!!!

I got my Circle Journey Book in last night. I savored the moment for this morning to open the package. I do that. I like to delay gratification sometimes on stuff like that. Anyway, I love it. The actual book is a little smaller than I anticipated, but the package is full of stickers and envelopes that you use to mail the book to people involved in the circle journey. I have to make an entry and then send it on.
Invitation to Join My Circle Journal-Circle Journey
I want to invite you to participate in my circle journal-journey. My only rules are that if you commit to participate, you will get it back to me or I will hunt you down like a dog! HEEHEE-No Really!!!! Just email me with your address and I will consider. Your chances are better if I know you but I will strongly consider new people as well. I just need to have something to determine a trust level like your blog site, your art site, your response to my emails, your ebay rating, etc.

Now, that being said, I can show you my newest piece of art. This is a collage piece inspired by this old picture I have of these two lovely children. Don't they look like little gypsies? I have used these darlings several times and I think that I will retire them now. I feel like they finally have a proper home. This is a highly textured collage piece. Hope You Like!

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