Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Altered ARt Charms or Charming Altered Art

Well, here is one of the altered art charms I created for my friend. I hope she likes them. I have to get chains for them before I get them to her. I received an order today for an altered art case like the ones I have done in the past. So, I'm excited about that new project. It's a darn shame I can't do this for a living. I'm in a bit of an art funk lately. I think it is because I am getting over the flu and have not felt myself. Sometimes when I get to this point, I have to refrain from doing art for a day or two and it all comes back. Or, I can just mess with my art journal...that is probably what I will do. Can't live without some type of art. LOVE IT!!! I have those triptychs that my mothers husband made me and they are on my mind. I need to create something with them but sometimes you just have to wait for the perfect idea to come. It will happen! So, another day has almost passed and I look forward to tomorrow and the ideas it could bring!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE altered art charms!