Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Journal Art

I was very inspired by another journal artist just have to go and see her work!!! Here is a link to her blog:
I am still trying to find my own style but this lady really inspired me so this is what I came up with for todays entry. It says

"Does the whole always equal the sum of it's parts? Am I not more than this outer shell made up of my body, face, eyes, hands,legs etc? YES!! There is so much more that the eye can't see. But the heart, oh the heart knows."

Update on the weekend! Husband found a nice hotel in Lubbock and made reservations!!! I am looking so forward to it. I love getting away for a little while. It will be nice. Bye for now!~


LunaGraphica said...

Wow - thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it when someone 'gets something' from my work. Keep creating. I really like your work. :-)

Rhea said...

I like this latest piece!!! And I know you guys will have fun this weekend!