Sunday, February 12, 2006

altered journal entry

SUNDAY!!! Am I the only one that gets overwhelmed on Sundays? It seems like that is the day you have to pay for all the things you did not do Saturday. My List of Things to Do:
  1. Finish Laundry
  2. Do work homework-2 different reports
  3. Buy Groceries
  4. Hang Heather's Border in her Room
  5. Clean my bathroom-only room I did not finish yesterday

Once I put it in a list, it does not seem so bad. Craig and I are looking forward to next weekend. We are going to have some time away together. Although, we have not made reservations anywhere yet....that will be number 6 on my list.

Here is an entry I made for my journal lasts week. She kinda looks bored huh? It's definitely not me!!!!!

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