Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sisters and Friends

  Tonight I find myself thinking about my relationship with my sisters; "Ronetta" and "Rhea".  I suppose these thoughts are brought about by the combination of my stage in life (kinda mid-life....not telling you my age) and the recent death of our father due to emphysema. 

Truly, if I could write decently, I would have the best material for a tragic comedy.  The movie that comes to mind for comparison is "Hanging Up" with Diane Keaton.  Did you see it?  Here is a link to the trailer....if you have not watched this movie, I highly recommend it:

 Three sisters who were once very close as children have grown up and moved on in their lives.  Though they maintain an attempt at maintaining a sense of "family", it is their elderly and terminally ill father who unwittingly forces them to realize and appreciate their need for each other. 

Anyway, I'm the "oldest", Ronetta is the "middle child" and Rhea is the "youngest".  We have so many stories both good and bad, old and new, funny and not so many dynamics....but we love each other so much.  

Just feelin' it for sisters tonight. Would love to hear about your sisters.  Oh and you might enjoy looking at my flickr photo group called "Sisters and Friends".  Love you Rhea and Ronetta.....just remember, I'm the oldest.  XOXO


Kim Mailhot said...

I am the oldest of three sisters too. We are all very different but we love and support one another to the best of our ability and with as little judgement as possible. That helps us stay close. Far from perfect...but close.
Here's to sister power !
Hugs to you !

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh thanks Kim. Coming to see your blog right now to catch up on you. xoxo

Debbie said...

That is so sweet! And family comes in many shapes and sizes:)