Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deb Needs Us

We get so caught up in our lives and then suddenly it hits us, we have not heard from so and so for some time.  That happened to me this weekend.  I suddenly wondered what in the world had happened to my blog friend Deb from "Deb Did It".  She is ever so faithful in responding to my blogs and Facebook notes.....something was obviously not right as I had not heard from her for some time.   So, I went to her blog and discovered the dismal news.

Apparently, while they were traveling away ( I believe Florida-correct me if I'm wrong) the pipes in their beautiful, historical home (I believe it was originally built in 1915) decided that since they were frozen, they would take this time to bust and flood the entire house.  Deb and her husband came home to a flood and a house that was almost destroyed.  It looks as though all they have left is a skeleton of a house.

So, now they are dealing with the fact that their home and their livelihood has been all but destroyed. Yes, it looks as though they had insurance as she mentions that the "insurance adjusters" have been there.  They are in the process of reconstruction and trying desperately  to keep their spirits up.  Deb is not one to give up that easily.  

I got this FB note tonight from a common friend of Deb.....

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler January 19 at 8:08pm Reply
I am sending a call out to my mutual friends of Deb Taylor. As many of you know, her 1915 home, bed and breakfast, and soul has been flooded, and is in near ruin. Not to mention, she has a birthday coming in a few days! Deb has done so much for me and my soul, and I want to try and help lift hers a bit. To remind her that no matter what, her friends still surround her with love. Not that she needs reminding, but some days are not as good as others.
So, what I was thinking was a Card Shower. Just send a belated birthday wish, a well wish, or a just thinking of you wish to her. Deb helped me once do this for my daughter, and she enjoyed doing it, not to mention, it does makes the receiver feel loved. So, if you can, and if you know others that know Deb, please spread the word.
Thank you all!!
Deb Taylor
P.O. Box 284
Carmine, TX 78932

Please consider sending Deb words of encouragement or donations to hep get their place back to "Bed and Breakfast" status.  I know if it was me, she would be right there trying to help.  

If you have a moment, please stop by to give her some words of encouragement.....If you are inspired to do anything more, please email me at lesley432@gmail.com and will help you with that.  I have her address! xoxo


Kim Mailhot said...

Thank you for this, Lesley ! I have been feeling just horrible this morning - thinking about all the "bad" stuff in the world and how helpless I feel. Now I have a purpose today. I love Deb and have been lucky enough to have some wonderful correspondence with that incredible Texas Chickie ! I am going to make here a care package of love right this minute !
Needed this !
Thanks again !
Love and blessings on you !

Funky Art Queen said...

OH, I'm so glad. you know how I love the wisdom of Mother Teresa and I can't help but share this with you right now. We are all so overwhelmed, especially with the Haiti disaster.....Mother Teresa once said,"... Just help the one closest to you". Thats all we can do Kim! You are so sweet and caring but sometimes you wear the hurt of the world and you can't do that if you want to keep being a help to others. Just keep moving and help the ones closest to you. xoxo