Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Urban Experiments and Rob Bliss

I heard another great podcasts from CraftSanity today. It was about this kid (20 year old college student in Grand Rapids Michigan) named Rob Bliss. Seriously, he is greatness and we will be hearing more about him in the future. I feel it! This young man was able to orchestrate some very fun and interesting "urban experiments" (that is what he calls them). These urban experiments were all arranged through his facebook contacts.
One of the events was a huge pillow fight! Oh what fun that must have been. Take a look at this video
He has used his facebook account to orchestrate several really interesting community events. One of them was a zombie walk and I know some of you will dig that. I say KUDDOS to Rob Bliss. You gotta go and listen to that podcasts and do some online googling for "urban experiments" and "Rob Bliss" to read more.


Goose said...

And he's cute!!!

prashant said...

its really so cute ...

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