Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saving Polaroid

I saw this news cast a few weeks ago and I was so know how I love the Polaroid camera. Looks like someone is going to start making film that will work with the Polaroids. Take a look at this CBS newscast from August 30th.

I never learned how to do Polaroid transfers! I have two old Polaroid cameras that still work and need film! I have like 5 pics left on one of them that I hate to use for any old pics! I love Polaroids! So Hip Hip Hooray for the people that are attempting to start up again. I will buy film from you.

Did you ever have a Polaroid Camera? Do you have any Polaroid pics that you would like to share? I think it would be fun to do a polaroid pic challenge....what do you think? I would love to see them. Also, there is actually a Flickr photo sight where you can actually share real Polaroid photos....(don't even try to share faux Polaroids (you know the digital kind)....they will eat you up!

OMG! I'm so excited about my trip to Seattle, Washington next week for my 25th wedding anniversary. I can't wait to take pics and show you all of the places we visit. 25 years..... Wow!... It does not feel like 25 years at all. Look at us in this Polaroid pic at a Chilli Cook Off (only in Texas).

Oh, to be that skinny again! Hubby said, "I was a hippy huh?" He was a hippie cowboy and I loved him and still do. How is it possible that in this 25 years, we have raised two beautiful children and had so many wonderful experiences together? More about that next week. In the mean time, please let me know how you feel about Polaroid and the possibility of film being available again someday! XOXO

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