Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Yes, I do believe it is time for a creative challenge. I think I have just the thing for ya! Did you know that I got married on the first day of Autumn? That is September 22 (25 years ago). We certainly did not plan it that way....it was just a convenient date at the time.

I love the fall season. I love the colors that appear in the trees and sprinkle the ground. I love the pumpkins and all things that honor the celebration of the harvest. I remember this song we used to sing in music class way back in elementary school....
"Voices of the Autumn Winds
Through the mist are calling
Hum farewell to a summers going
as the leaves are falling"
This season makes me think of school days, riding on the school bus, football games, homecoming,Thanksgiving, Halloween, Orange, Brown, Black, baking sweets, cooking more, crafting, decorating for the holidays.....so many pleasant thoughts. What does fall make you think of? THE CHALLENGE: Send me a picture of a photo of something that you love about fall. It can be something you created, something you see, a journal entry.....But send me a link and I will create a FUN FALL Fhoto mosaic with all of your works. We will each get to vote on one favorite (not our own) and the winner will receive a little surprise from me. Addendum: This challenge will end Oct 31 and winner will be announced first week of November! Thanks RXBAMBI for asking about how long challenge lasts!
The above picture was taken by me on Bainbridge Island while on our trip last week in Seattle, more about that later. The leaves were so beautiful I had to take pics of them. I digitally enhanced the photo.....I just can't leave well enough alone!


MagnificentDebra said...

Fun! My photo is on this post! http://magnificentdebra.blogspot.com/2009/09/naming-my-days.html

Can't wait to see the collage!

rxBambi said...

Oh yay!! I'm so excited to be in on a challenge! I don't have my photo up yet...how much time do we have?

Kim Mailhot said...

This sounds like fun, Leslie ! I am headed home next week for my birthday/Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations. Sure to be some fun fall photo opts there !

deb did it said...

frisky fall is falling all around me...I AM IN!