Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Save the Polaroid!

I was tagged by Kim over at Queen of Arts and it had something to do with posting a photo from my 7th pic folder and the 7th pic. Well, I just cleaned out my photos this weekend and I don't have 7 folders or a number 7 photo.....but....I do have something to discuss reguarding, Kim, this is what I will contribute......HUGS TO KIM THE OTHER QUEEN!!!

POLAROIDS-I's old news.....but since I bought the vintage pink Polaroid off Etsy (can't wait until it gets here), it has become quite the issue with me. Polaroid is no longer making the instant film. They are going digital and all modern and stuff. Yay for them....but, raise your hand if you think it should be about them?! What about us? What about the few weird and nerdy people left in the world that love Polaroids? How will I go on? Hand on my head.....eyes looking upwards.......(Curtains close) heehee

I actually bought some Polaroid film at a Walgreens last year for a Polaroid I picked up for 50 Cents at a garage I can't find it unless I get it online. You can find it on ebay but I wonder for how long? It's just kind of sad to me for several reasons. One reason I'm sad is I always wanted to try Polaroid transfers. They are so lovely. Other reasons are just that I love to have the option to play with Polaroids should the mood strike me.
In my search for Polaroid film I discovered this site called Save the Polaroids. That site really got me excited about Polaroids. And, it prompted me to go through my old photos and find my Polaroid shots. I had a lot more than I thought. I took a lot of Polaroids of my daughters first birthday. (The above pic is not from her first birthday...we did not serve Corona at her first BD party-I believe it was Coors Light) Though I don't remember exactly, I must have had a Polaroid Camera in the earlier years of our marriage, because we have several Polaroid shots of that time period.

So this post is not 10 pages long-I will just post some links for you in case you are interested in Polaroids.
  1. Save The Polaroid

  2. Save Polaroid (a Flickr photo group...lots of fun Polaroid shots here)

  3. Poladroid: Oh this was so much fun and will be for a long time....I downloaded this software so I can make any photo appear to be a Polaroid.....but it also gives you the whole experience-like the Polaroid sound and lets you "shake" the photo to help it develop....this is a photo that I FAUX Polaroided. I must warn you though.....the people on the Flickr photo group say mean and ugly things about people who post fake Polaroid shots on their group. Just FYI!


Sacred Yoli said...

RIP to polaroid film. I too, will miss the film. I heard that they are looking for a company to sell the rights too, I hope something happens.

Thanks for sharing your photos!


Susan said...

When I was a teen, I had a Polaroid Swinger, it took small B & W pics. I loved that camera. You even had to coat the pictures with the special sealant. I still have all those pictures, none of them ever faded. What a memory, thanks. Susan

Funky Art Queen said...

Susan, I would love to see your polaroid shots. That gives me an idea to ask bloggers to share their polaroids. UPDATE!@

Kim Mailhot said...

What a cool play along, You Majesty ! A perfect photo tag aside !

Isn't it unbelievable how much technoloy has been and now is going or gone from our lives ? Our generation has seen such huge change !!! It is no wonder why so many of us are having a hard time keeping up with life !
Preservation of what is dear is so wonderful ! Here's to the Polaroid and all it's saviors !
Cheers !

Debbie said...

Those are the photos of my youth and I am sad to see them go.

Diane said...

Polaroid IS saved!

A group of ex-Polaroid chemists and manufacturing specialists bought Polaroid’s old factory and equipment and will start production of new and improved integral film which will be available in early 2010! -

In the meantime, if you’re looking for film, it IS still out there at affordable pricing. I’ve gotten my supply from, who is currently offering a “Buy two, get the third FREE” sale on Polaroid 600 film!

Thanks to The Impossible Project and Adesso Albums, Polaroid film will continue to be available without interruption!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

girl you crack me up as always. wish i was there, too cold & lonely here! love ya, Renea

Anonymous said...

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