Saturday, March 14, 2009


Enjoying The Koi Pond at Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast
Lesley Chandler...a.k.a. Funky Art Queen reporting here live from Fredericksburg, Texas. We are here at the Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast enjoying the peace and tranquility in the cozy little Magnolia Room (the finest suite in the Magnolia House). We are status post shopping till we drop and eating until we pop.

It has been the most wonderful (much needed) little weekend getaway. I think Ms. Heather needed this little escape as much as we did....she has not stopped smiling since we left home. She had so much fun shopping downtown. She found herself a cute little t-shirt (pink of course) and a blingy set of earrings, and a blingy pink ring. Then we took her to a little cemetary in town that had many old, old grave stones. She took lots of pics. She was clearly enjoying herself so much.

This is Craig enjoying the living room at the Magnolia House.

Our room. Yawn!.....Can't wait to snuggle up in this comfy bed.


Debbie and April said...

Looks so nice, have fun:)

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Honey you look so pretty. Glad yall are having a good time. Wish I was there. Tell Heather to send me some photos of the cemetary, I know how much she enjoyed that! Hugs, miss You terribly! Love ya, Renea