Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vintage Stuffed Alligator

I'm in big trouble for not blogging lately huh? I'm sorry. I have been working fast and hard to get Cody's room repainted "pale peach" instead of "baby Yuk" green because Cody was comingto visit this weekend. He has been gone since April and suddenly, I decided it was time to re- paint?! So, every afternoon this week, I rushed home and started the paint work. It took two coats to cover that yuky green. I decided to stop on Wednesday even though I needed to paint the ceiling and the trim; because I did not want the room to smell like paint when Cody came this weekend. So, I'm still not done......It is the project that just keeps going and going.....heehee. But my little alligator.....
I named her "Rosie" because of her rosie pattern. She was born today from a beautiful cotton print with tea pots, tea cups and roses. I added a pair of pearls for her trip to her tea party! I love my little Rosie alligator and I am almost positive she will be a part of the new guest room I am re-decorating.
Did I tell you that my mother (naturally) still had the original pattern?!!! She brought it to me last weekend. Yay Mama!!!! You Rock! Here is another view of her in the bedroom I am redecorating;
II have several other projects in the works. I can't wait to share them with you. Hope you all have a fabulous and funky July 4th. HUGS!


Rhea said...

Ok, now I remember that alligator! Great job! Hope you had a great 4th of July! Love you, Rhea

Alberta & Ava said...

Rosie is so lovely and so is the quilt she's on. Reading about your quest for a pattern and then the making of Rosie brought me back to my oldest son's first Christmas when, on my college-student-budget, I was way too poor to buy many gifts. I scoured garage sales for new-looking toys and made him a horrendous teddy bear from an old velour shirt. That bear surprisingly held up to many trials and tribulations and remains my sweet boy's (oops: man)favorite childhood token 27 years later! Thanks for helping me remember that special time.


carolyn said...

That alligator is adorable!
It looks so shabby chic and looks great on that quilt. You could sell these on etsy.
How nice that Cody is visiting! That's a long time to be away.
Hope you had a great holiday and visit!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hey sweetie girl, I missed you! I am finally back, wish I could haved stayed longer. I dread work tomorrow. Say a prayer for me. I LOVE "Rosie" she is adorable. You need to make one for my new grandbaby. HEE HEE! I am going to post some photos later of our vacation. We had so much fun with the kids. I even got in the lake & went swimming with them. Love those boys. Hope to see you soon. Hugs***Renea

Susan said...

Love this alligator. She is a doll. I'm so glad your mom still had the pattern. Wonderful! Hugs, Susan.