Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birds and Bloomers

Hey everyone! I have been a bad blogger! I have become a weekend blogger! But, I have been productive. See the birdy? I have been so inspired to make a bird since I saw the one I blogged about a while back. Have to look that up to give her credit. I drew out a pattern last week and I have to say, this is not the first bird!~ heehee. OH MY GOSH!! I just think I can do anything and I don't even think about it being difficult. Then, I run into something that I can't figure out. In this case, it was those dang legs! I could not figure out how to make the birds stand. I finally figured it out (well my way of making it work). I'm so proud of my birds. Go check them out on Etsy. I am also working on some clay birds.

For some reason, I also decided I had to make some bloomers! I think it is because Renea was talking about them....she saw them in a shop some where. I just think they would be so comfortable to wear around the house. So, I got a pattern and all the accoutrement Friday. However, since I have been obsessed with the birds, I have not been able to cut out the bloomin' bloomers. I miss my blog friends and I want you to know that I am always checking on ya. I just don't always have the time to comment. You are on my mind and in my heart. Love ya!



Susan said...

Greetings Queen, I really am glad when you stop by. Your post today makes me think of my Mom. She loved the story of The Bird Woman of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. We called her Bird for many years. My question is this...will you have birdies on the bloomers? Just wondering. Hugs.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Your little birds are precious, I love them. Did Cody come for a visit? Hope you all had a great time. Love ya, Renea

Rhea said...

Love the little birdies!! And when you do make your have to take a pic and post it! love you, Rhea

Sacred Snatch said...

Girrrrrrrrrrrrl, I know what you mean! Sometimes life and creativity gets in the way of recording our lives through blogging. But that is good, right? More to blog about in the long run. :-)

Love the pajaro!



Kim Mailhot said...

Hello You Majesty,

Summer is very different in blogland... this is my first summer and I have realy noticed how slow people are taking it... I have joined the pace too - doing mostly little posts a couple a times a week. Have to say I miss people too but totally get how the season has influenced the action. As the Queen of Arts says : "It's all good....!"
Love the birdies ! Great job figuring out how to make them stand up too !
Viva la summer !

sashibala said...

Your little bird is adorable! And whatever your solution was for the legs seems to have worked out great.

And don't worry about being a bad blogger... we still love you. :)

Anonymous said...


Poison Girl said...

Girl! Your bird is fantastic! I have not been around lately (it's me...forcryeye) but every time I come by here you amaze me. You have grown as an artist sooooo should be really proud of yourself!!!!

Poison Girl said...

Seriously, I just had to tell you again how much I love this birdie! xoxo(forcryeye)

Sacred Snatch said...

Nice Pajaro!

Just stopping by to drop some amor on your page! Keep on creating, Mujer!

Lisa said...

the bird is darling! we need to get together before the weekend. can't wait to see your new stuff in person!

Michelle said...

Lesley, Love the birdie! You are soooo inventive! Keep creating! Hugs, Michelle

Carmen said...

I can't seem to catch up with my blogging or blog reading. lol I LOVE this bird!!! Sorry to hear about the demise of the love birds. :(

You come up with the neatest ideas!