Monday, July 28, 2008

Paper Clay Figures

I worked with clay all weekend and developed several figures/sculptures. This is one I have been working on for a week or so. I wanted to try a bust/head figure. She turned out to look a little like a spanish girl....go figure! I think she needs a rose in her hair.
I also worked on a penguin for a little friends birthday. It should be done tonight. I have almost finished the love birds (remakes). I have the two funky birds that I discovered instructions for on the paperclay site. Then, I sculpted a cat that I have painted red and tonight she will become a funky cat with the rest of her features and designs to her coat.
Oh, I sold a set of my Typography Blocks on Etsy this weekend. It really made my day. I made two more sets using my custom paper I created with the vintage pipeline maps and the font stickers. These sets are now available on my Etsy.
Craig and I went to two estate sales Saturday and I think I have him hooked! He really enjoyed it. But, we need to get a navigational system because we had trouble finding addresses in Midland. We went out to eat after and did a little shopping and came home. But we both enjoyed our time together and we are looking forward to a trip to Fredricksberg on Aug 16 to go to the trade days there. Guess I better get ready for work. You all have a blessed week.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi My Queen,
How fun that you and your man found something new for you to enjoy together !

Congrats on selling your blocks ! I love the new ones too !
Have a super week !

Janet said...

You are just busy, busy, busy! And the results are great. I like your sculpture lady and you're right....she needs a big red rose in her hair!

Susan said...

She is lovely. Let's hope Sebastian stays away from her. The estate sales sound fun, hmmm... that's an idea.

Sacred Snatch said...

OMG, that is awesome! What size is she? I think this would make a fabulous tutorial!

Estate sales rawk. I live in an area that is established and the majority of the residents are retired. That being said, my area is always having an estate sale. The garage sales are very popular here too. I always try and carry cash on me when I go for a morning walk on Saturdays. :-)

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Ok girlie, you had better keep her put up or you know what will happen. She might look like a little snack! She is adorable by the way! Hope to talk to you tomorrow. Love ya, Renea