Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mixed Media Collage

Inspired by an article by Kelly Rae Roberts in Cloth Paper Scissors-November-December 2007 issue.

"Patch it Together" pg. 72-77

I was instantly inspired by Kelly's article in this never ending source of inspiration magazine-Cloth Paper Scissors. I was pretty pleased with my outcomes but I am still not completely comfortable with painting with a brayer. I just need to do it some more.

This was a peace I created with the inspiration to do something with meaning. I feel like my art is often void of feeling and meaning. I took the time (on this piece) to think about what I was feeling and what I wanted to communicate.

What do you get from this painting? Does it say what I wanted it to? Let me know what it speaks to you. I will tell you what I was feeling at the time later.

1 comment:

kelly rae said...

isn't the brayer so fun and different and liberating? i really like this piece. she looks contemplative with a gentle look of understanding.

you have me beaming over here in california!