Monday, November 19, 2007

Altered Bottles for Christmas

I wanted to show you these bottles. The little ones on front are actually vintage bottles. I cleaned the bottles as they were full of dirt. I dried them good and then set out to recycle them. I poured some watered down Mod Podge into the bottles and poured out the excess. Then I poured some snow/glitter inside and shook it up and poured out any glitter that did not adhere to inside of bottle. I stamped the outside of the bottles with snowflake stamp and embossed with gold/silver and a glittery white. I cut out some vintage looking pictures to add to the fronts of the little bottles and tied a little sparkly tie. I printed out the words "Spirit of Christmas" and adhered them to the bottle with gel medium. THEN....shew...I made some little lids for the tops with polymer clay. I just rolled up balls and used a pencil eraser to sculpt out the inside of the lid. I baked as per instructions on package of clay-oh, I used some of that Pearl Ex Pigments on the lids before I baked them. I love that stuff! It is a smooth/dry and fine powder. You just bake it on. After the lids cooled, I painted over them with some polymer clay glaze to give them a shine.

The bigger bottles, much easier. I purchased these bottles at Michaels (99 Cents). I also purchased some Christmas and Snow looking confetti at the same store. I stamped and embossed the outsides of the bottles poured in the confetti and made ball shaped lids for each one. Now all I need to do is make a tag for the big ones and get some pretty Christmas ribbon for them.
Now, if you are looking for some ideas for Christmas...You really must check out my shop on Etsy-see the link over there? These bottles might be there... I have not decided yet.


Anonymous said...

hah! lesley! those are great! what fun!

sparkly and wonderful...

perfect for under an upside tree! :-)


rhea said...

I like these! Would go great beside a bath tub with bath salts in them! Love you, RHea