Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crocheted Scarf and Embellished Mittens

I wanted to share this little scarf and mitten set that I created this weekend. The scarf is just a double crochet with fringe on both ends of the scarf. The mittens are just a plain set of black mittens I bought at Wally World and embellished with yarn stiching and some beads as you can see here:I mean, really, you can't just wear plain old mittens. You gotta fru-fru them up a bit Sister! It was really very simple and I had this bucket of beads that just beg for attention all the time. I know, I does not really get that cold here. But, there are days that are cold enough for a scarf and mittens. In fact, I use my mittens a lot in the winter because I am very cold natured. Now, I need a red set, a blue set, and oh yes, a pink set (oh with pearl beads, and a winter white set. Hmmm.....gotta get more yarn.

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Stacey said...

Me too! Me too! I need winter white--hurry it's getting colllddd!!

You're amazing FAQ, such talent. You will be on the shirt list, no worries. xoxo