Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vocation Vacation

Wouldn't that be cool? Take a vacation to explore your dream job. I just heard about this on the Martha Stewart channel on my satelite radio the other day. This one lady went to visit a vineyard to learn how to make wine-not as romantic as she thought it would be but still she enjoyed herself. Another went to a dairy farm and worked 12 hard hours to learn how to make cheese. So, I had to go and check out their site. Vocation Vacations

What would my dream job be? Well, it would have to be a job that allowed much creativity. I would enjoy having an art/workshop where people can come to learn new techniques and get inspired. Maybe it would be a gallery also to pay for the overhead. It would be a big and roomy place with lots of shelves and funky colors. We would play fun music (not too loud) and have all kinds of "art shows" and presentations about techniques and styles and art history-etc. I think it would be cool to have childrens workshops as well every now and then. You could use art as therapy for so many different groups of people. If I had a place like that, I would need a partner who was business savy-cuz I just want to be the creative/people person. I don't like keeping up with all that business stuff-a weakness I know...but who cares? We can't all be good at everything. This is a picture of me with one of my favorite artists-Claudine Hellmuth at an Art and Soul workshop last year.
What would your dream job be? Please share with me...think about it a minute and let me know. I'm curious. Hugs and Happy Thursday.


Stacey said...

Well does sleeping pay? Hmm...if no, then I guess I'll join the ranks of all the other fifty million people and say I'd really like to write! xo Girl!

NancyB said...

I think my dream job would not so much be a job but to teach others how to find their creativity..both adults and kids. But the way I picture this is to have a warehouse where the bottom floor is my studio/gallery/workshop for classes and the floor(s) above would be me and my familys home with lots of space and lots of sunlight! I would have weekend workshops to teach and Saturday nights invite local artists of all kinds and spotlight one local artist each Saturday so others can get to know them and help them launch their dream! I want this dream more than anything and I won't stop till it is all reality! Even then I am positive I won't stop there! ;o) *hugs*