Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good Ju Ju

I used to think my sister just made that word up! "Ju Ju". You know how sisters are always making up words that only the other sister understands. I knew what she meant when she was saying something either caused good or bad "ju ju". I just thought that this was our special little word. Then I started hearing it on television or movies and I spotted it in magazines and newspapers. Apparently, my sister did not create this word. (Sigh) It seems that everyone else knew this was a real word and it actually has an origin and can be found at Wikipedia. Click on the word Wikipedia to learn more.( I know that this is not actually the most reliable source, but it is there nonetheless).

I started this piece by creating a little polymer clay face with a mold. I then cut the molded clay into a triangle shape. It was so cool to me when I decided I could cut the little,round faces into any shape I wanted. It opened up a whole new creative portal for me! Anyway, I then glued the faces to a wooden skewer. I later punched the skewer into a wine cork which I painted black. I finished the piece by adding wire that I bent for the limbs. It was a very simple piece and the outcomes were obviously because of "good ju ju". Hence the name, "Good Ju Ju" doll.
Need a Good Laugh?!: I just read the funniest blog today and I wanted to share it with you. Go and read this entry by Stacey. You will laugh your hiney off.


Stacey said...

You are amazingly talented ANDDDDD you know funny when you read it (kidding)! I do so adore you, FAQ! xo

Rhea said...

I didn't know you thought I made that word up! Funny! Funny! I need all the GOOD Ju Ju I can get! Love you