Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm better now for anyone that wants to know. I am still very anxious but every time we talk to our son on the telephone, he sounds like he has it all so together. I think back to when I was his age, I was pretty much mature and o.k. I was all about making money and getting to bed on time so I would wake up on time to go to work. My husband always reminds me how I made him go to the Scorpions concert with one of my girlfriends because I had to get up early the next morning. I lived with my best friend in a tiny little apartment on the bad side of town. I had survival skills though. We always had food and our bills were paid. I learned so much during those times. I need to let my boy do the same. He is very smart and independent. I know he will be alright.

Tonight, I worked on my trunk that I am restoring. I bought some prisma color pencils today to replace the ones that are down to about nothin'. Thoughts going on? I'm of course thinking about my boy, thinking about my daughter who will be going (by airplane) tomorrow to see my sister in New Mexico, thoughts of my sister who I miss so much, thoughts of my best friend who had her birthday many things to think about. Thoughts of projects I am doing, thoughts of the need to organize my thoughts. Busy, busy, busy. But, I am blessed and spoiled! I could be thinking about where I would get me next meal, how I will pay the bills, etc. Speaking of which. I have to share this.

I see this old lady, every day almost....walking down the interstate close to where I live. She is always dressed inappropriately-like a bathing suit top (she is really old) or a winter coat in the summer. She is clearly mentally ill. She is always looking down at the ground....for cigarette butts? Money? Where does she live I wonder to myself. What is she looking for? She breaks my heart. I want to stop and visit with her. I want to give her some comfort in life. I think to myself, "there by the grace of God go I'. I think that I should pray for her. I think that she deserves some comfort. I don't know her story and it is not mine to judge her. I am sorry she lives this way. But, perhaps, she is happy. I don't have any idea. Anyway, those are my thoughts today.


Stacey said...

Oh I'm very glad you're are right, he will survive! We all did it!

You know, this may be wayyyy out of line here, FAQ, but I'm going to challenge you. I challenge you to touch her shoulder, give her a bottle of water. See what that simple little gift will do for her life. Who knows, maybe she will work up the courage to tell you her story. Idk. I said, it may be inappropriate for me to challenge you, but I think I've gotten to know your heart a bit. You can do it. xoxo

rhea said...

I second that challenge...and I am your sister and am allowed by sister rules to challenge you. You should make a couple of sandwiches and grab some juice and offer her a meal and get her story out of her like I know you can. LOVE YOU...and your girl is doing just fine! we are all missing you guys

Stacey said...

Oh a second! This is big FAQ--and I like your sister's idea there. You could get a story, and a very very good one at that. Even if she isn't capable of giving it to you, you'd come away with one! xoxo