Monday, July 16, 2007

Pray for My Boy

Well, he is really gone away to college. My baby boy. It finally hit me yesterday. The house was so quiet, not as many dishes, less laundry (a lot less) and not as much food is necessary to feed just us three. I suppose I should be happy about all that. But I love doing all these things-I like the chaos. I think we have grown so used to the chaos that this is the glue that kept us together and moving.

His dad paced around all day yesterday. He is gonna drive me nuts! I just know it. We gotta find something to do to keep our minds busy! I just need to figure out how to not be anxious all the time that something will happen to my boy. I know he is growing up and I need to let go but I worry, worry, worry about him. I need to let go and let God huh? I know I should do that but I still worry. How do I not be afraid of the telephone? How do I continue on without feeling such a sence of impending doom? Anyone ever been through this? Please send prayers our way and for my Cody. Hugs!


Stacey said...

Just emailed my dear friend Kelly (I blog about her often)--her little boy Jake is going away soon. She's been a single mom for years and years, and he is her only child. It's hard.

Prayers said for Cody. xoxo

Stacey said...

Praying for Cody...for you too're you doing now? xoxo