Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On the News-News West Nine

Marisa and I were on the morning show on Channel 9 this a.m. We were so silly that we asked the producer to take a picture of us on the news set. Don't we look like naturals? We were doing a spot for the "Life in a Bottle" kick off tomorrow. It was fun, but....I had to get up extra early to get over to MIdland by 7 a.m. So, I'm a little tired tonight but I have fond memories of mine and Marisa's 10 seconds of fame! Fun Stuff!


Stacey said...

Oh I think you should rethink your life and be a news anchor! Very natural look for you both! xo

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!! I bet you made all the newspeople look so bad because you did so good!!! I wish I could have seen it! Love you, Rhea Rhea

Artmom said...

Hey FAQ!!!
I am rewriting this post, because I 'lost' it somehow! Anyway, I was surfing, and managed to fing you out in cyberland! I saw your channel 9 picture and had to write to you! I teach art at Andrews High School!!
I'm new to the mixed media art, and I have every book there is, but somehow finding the time to DO art escapes me. That's what I'm doing today - made some stamps, and I'm stamping on some painted far, so good!
I love your necklace on this page! And your PONDS!! Lucky you! We're close enough to do Barnes and Noble this summer!! What do you think?? Artmom!!

Funky Art Queen said...

Dear Art Mom,
Yes, absolutely. I think we would enjoy each other so much! I used to market some in Andrews. Don't go there anymore but our medical equipment guys do. Hey, you might consider going to the stanton trade days this weekend. I will have a booth there!