Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Altered Denim Skirt Goes Frida Frida Frida

Using fabric as a medium for art is something else I really enjoy. It seems like I go through phases of mediums. One week might be canvas, the next it is wood, then metal, glass.....oh the possiblities are endless. But now, I'm going through a fabric lust. I have worked on this Frida skirt for a month or two on and off. I'm so excited about it because I tried it on the other morning and it fits me. In one way, that is bad because when I started the skirt...it seemed a little big in the waist-hmmmmm. Maybe that ice cream every night is not a great idea. But for this purpose, it worked out well. I know I will have a hard time deciding if I will sell it or keep it for myself. The extra money is always nice....but sometimes I wonder if I don't deprive myself by not keeping some of my things for me! RATIONALIZING-I KNOW!
I did give myself one of the funky purses because...I could not sell it. I started carrying it the other day and I've enjoyed it! It makes me feel like some kind of hippie! I think I must have some hippie in me anyway. Who cares?!!!
Anyway, about the skirt. I took the leg seams out of some of my husbands discarded Polo jeans and added fabric in the v in the front. Of course it is wild and funky fabric. Then I added appliques, embroidery, transfers and all kinds of embellishments. I will add a pic when it is completely done. I still have to add some embellishment to the back pockets and sew the hem. Can't wait to show it to you. Meanwhile, I am thinking of another idea for a fabric project. I want to do some kind of altered/personalized placemats for the dining area. But I have to buy some fabric and I don't want to spend any money right now. I will keep you posted on that!
Happy Tuesday.

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Stacey said...

Where's the skirt picture? I want to see this! And hey, don't be hard on yourself, you were practically mandated to eat the ice cream to show off the skirt properly--so you did what you had to do, lol. xoxo