Monday, June 25, 2007

Lost Soles

I suppose by telling you this, you might think I am a little on the strange side. Maybe you already thought that and maybe I don't really care! ok...i CARE..but not that much. Be prepared because once I explain all this to you, you will begin to notice what I am talking about and it will bug you too even if just a little. You will begin to notice this phenomenon and wonder as I do the who, why, what and all the stuff that goes with this particular subject. Are you ready for this question? And, if so, are you ready to begin to explore the subject through a series of photos that I begin presenting to you today? Perhaps you too will take some photos to help with this study.
I'm sure they were always there and this phenomenon is not new, but for the last few years I have begun to notice many, many single shoes lying on the highways, city streets, and neighborhood roads. One shoe in the middle of the road. There are big, dirty, worn out, man looking shoes. Then, there are the tiny, toddler looking shoes. Children's shoes are often what I see. That causes me to think of the frantic mother looking all over the house in the morning to get that kid to school or daycare. Funny how I don't recall seeing any women's stylish shoes. Perhaps that is because women cherish their shoes.
When I see these shoes, I wonder how they got there. Did someone open the car door to shut it better and it fell out? Or did a toddler throw it out the window when mother was not looking? Did it fall out of the back of a truck or travel trailer/boat. Why is there always just one? Why don't both shoes end up together? I know this is strange, but I think I may be on to some kind of strange phenomenon. Have you ever noticed this? Remember, if you do notice this in the near future, snap a photo and send it to me as I am starting a collection. What for? Why not?
Here is a picture of my first photo (not my first sighting) of a single shoe on the road, discovered today on a neighborhood street by my home.

I'm gonna start a flickr group on this subject albeit a lonely one and see what happens. Remember to always keep that camera ready. You never know when you will see a Lost Sole. Come and join this group at Flickr! It is called "Lost Sole" and add your pics.


Stacey said...

I'm right there with you--I wonder. Maybe because I can shed a little light on how sometimes they get there--when I was younger I had a violent boyfriend who enjoyed my pain if while in the midst of a fight in the car would take my personal things an toss them onto the highway. Threw out some shoes, makeup, clothes, even a purse. I've long ago forgiven him but never forgot that sense of frustration and helplessness! I'll be checking in on Lost Soles, great idea.

Funky Art Queen said...

Thanks Stacie, if you see some shoe on the road-snap a pic and send it my way. What a great coffee table book this would be-heehee.

Stacey said...

Agreed---and agree, this would be a great coffee table sure and record where you find them, highway, back road, whatever. I'm all about coffee table books--just don't have any, lol!

Stacey said...

Hey, come over to my blog and claim your rockin girl blogger award--you very much earned it! xo

Rhea said...

Ok, here is one answer to your threw my old tennis shoes out of the window while on the way home from town when I was about 4 or 5. She did this because I told her there was no way I would wear the new ones she bought me because I loved my tennis shoes. So she threw them out of the window and I was "forced" to wear the new ones. As I watched my favorite shoes fly and bounce behind us, one went one way and the other went the other way...thus becoming lost soles! I love that you question these things too because Jesse thinks I am crazy! Love you