Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guess Who's Back?

The above: Compliments of my good friend Donna Baker

Gosh, I just can't let go of the Funky Art Queen! I'm really missing that part of my life lately.  Lately, I have been dabbling with my creative journals.  Seems like I kind of lost my mojo-they just don't seem as vibrant or fun.  So I picked up a few books lately about creative journaling and I'm kinda feeling it again.  As I am typing this post, I have several pages started with the first couple of layers of paint/color.  Actually, I have quite the mess on the kitchen table and my husband will be not so pleasantly surprised when he wakes up and comes into the kitchen. 

I actually finished every page in one journal that I have been working on for two years.  It is the first journal I ever finished! I have so many that I got half way through and got bored with and abandoned the poor things.  Maybe some day I will begin to attack those.  I just get so caught up in the fact that they have to be in order of date or something! LOL (NO RULES!)

Funky Art Queen is back for now.  I still make jewelry for my Etsy shop but I'm on the fence about that.  I like doing it but I don't love it like I love getting all messed up with paint! LOL

I found this little quote (above) the other day and it got me to thinking.  I do a lot of thinking on my 40 minute drive to and from work.  Anyway, what is the answer to this question for you?  What did you do as a child...... Here is my list-and I enjoyed remembering.  You try it!

  1. Crafts! My mother was very crafty! We made crafts for every holiday.  We colored, painted, cut things out, sewed, all kinds of things.  For me creating means happy times.
  2. Singing: Mom also sang to us and with us.  We loved to sing silly songs.  Then, as I grew up to country music and some old classic rock-then some pop when I was a teen, I sang to every song. I was that girl in the car that sang to every song and probably drove everyone crazy.  Music made me happy and made the hours pass like minutes.
  3. Write poems-especially when I was a teen.  I wrote all kinds of poems.
  4. Read books-I have always had a love for books.  I don't read much any more.  I want to, just don't seem to make time for it.  
  5. Talking to my girlfriends and my Mom. Just talk talk talk-love my girlfriend/sister/Mom time.
  6. Taking pictures-I used to have polaroids and all kinds of cameras.  I used to make my poor little sisters pose all over the place for pictures.  I would put them in their Easter dresses in the dead of winter, take them outside and take their pictures. LOL
  7. Family Gatherings.
That was just a quick brainstorm of my answers.  Would love to hear yours! Happy New Year to all my pals.  Meanwhile, my pages are dry......gotta get to my journals! 

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Rose Savage said...

I love your list...Ive never been crafty, but did make my daughter something for Christmas and I guess it turned out okay cuz she cried lol surely she wasnt crying cuz it was ugly...I hope lol. I love love love, pop, rock, contemporary christian...singing along to all of it. I love to read, mysteries are my favorite, just not that much time any more. I LOVE family time...I dont think you realize how much you love it till youre older and your kids are grown lol then you kinda crave it and want it more and more. Love your jewlery, wish I was rich...tell me about these journals, I know are awesome my friend and I love you!