Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kelsey Excelsior Press

Oh and I have this diagram:

 Step One:

OK-Here is everything I have.  I do have some ink that I ordered "Gamblin Etching Ink" BLUE!

It does not seem rusty much.  Just a little where the nuts/bolts are (the impression screws) but I can turn them.  The I have not tried to move the roller hooks.  So do I clean it? I found some instructions somewhere last year on line by Jack Gifford "secrets of a Kelseyman" and it instructs how to clean with a bit of a process but doable.  1 gallon vinegar, 1 qt lemon juice, one guart of oil (what kind of oil), 1 can of laquer thinner, and a pump type oil can, large square container, heavy plastic garbage bags.  See how I got bogged down. LOL
I don't have "furniture" for it.
Oh and I purchased some letter stamps. I will take a pic of that.
No special paper. I purchased some last year when I was getting started and ended up using it for other art. LOL

I figured out how to take off the chase using the lever on the back and not these screws pic below-that would not budge by the way.

Are these the screws that tighten the furniture in the chase?  They will not budge.  Guess they need oil?

 Are the above the gripper bars you were talking about.  I played around with it until I found them. They lifted easily.

Here are the first pages of the book that came with it.  The rest is just stuff about how to run your own printing press business-etc....

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