Monday, October 05, 2009

Where My Girls At?

OK, I Posted the Fun Fall Photo (fhoto) challenge and only a couple of you have bitten? I know that there are more of you out there that love a good photo challenge! I really hope you will share your fall photo with me for this challenge. You don't even have to have a blog (Rhea, Ronetta and Mama). I just want to see your interpretation of "fall". So get to sending! (Not mentioning any names....Renea, Lisa, Susan, Susan the Queen, Marah, Amber, Running with Scissors, Rhea, Ronetta, Mama, etc) I know you got something in your mind, go and get it. Share it sistah!

Here is a pic I took of my little decoration for my front yard. I had to do something to keep up with the neighbors. Really, my neighbors go all out for Halloween. They do an inside spook house. Last year, I got some great shots of their indoors spookhouse. Really, these
guys were in their living room~
Sorry to change topics on you so rapidly but I have to tell you about the lovely little envelope I discovered in my mailbox this evening. I had a sweet little card with 6 moo cards from RXBAMBI in my mailbox today. Wow, what a nice way to finish off an exausting (bad shoe day) Monday. It made my day, really Susan~! Makes me wanna do a Moo card swap...Thanks and watch your mailbox for something sweet. That is all folks for today.


rxBambi said...

Glad you liked the Moo cards :)
I'm still trying to decide what photo I want to put in the challenge...

Anonymous said...

OK I can take a hint, I will try to send you a picture. Now hush. Mom

deb did it said...

I am going to play this fall foto game soon as I quit sweating, slapping mosquitoes and sticking to my camera strap! It is so hard to be smitten by the fall breezes when they are so hot, muggy and soupy! Maybe by the weekend a cooler snap will inspire me!!

Susan said...

Ok, Ok...Sheesh. No, it's ok, I needed a shove. I really am having a creative block right now, but maybe posting a picture of my Fall Wreath will be the boost I need. I'm working on it now. Thanks for the challenge, FAQ.

Sacred Yoli said...

Hey Chica! How are you? Thank you for the sweet comment! I actually blogged tonight! haha, surprise!

I may even blog again this week too! (trying to break my dry spell)

Glad to see you are still holding down the blog esprito!



Sabii Wabii said...

Just wanted to say HI!