Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eye Candy Found in Quilting Books and Magazines

I suppose I needed a new place to wonder and work in the creative zone. Lately, I find myself attracted to quilting magazines and books. I'm loving the whole "art quilt" concept. I guess quilting always seemed a bit rigid and maybe not enough media to play with.....BOY WAS I WRONG! I bought the above book by Spike Gillespie which features many wonderful quilt artists and provides much eye candy and inspiring words. You can get it at for a lot less than I paid for it at B&N (mental note to self for future purpose).

You know me, I could not stop, I also bought the Quilting ARts Gifts holiday issue. How could I not get it? The cover was so bright and seduced me! It did! Anyway, after going through that about a thousand times already in less than a week, I decided on trying one project...the legal portfolio on page 11o by Diane Rusin Doran. The first one was so hard, I had so much trouble with the directions mostly regarding the flap placement and closure. I'm sure experienced quilters and seamstresses had no trouble. The second one was a little bit easier but I still don't have closure problem solved....I just used velcro on the second one. They are cute anyway. PICTURES OF COURSE.....

Oh, and I have to share some fun pics and story about my little neighbors. Gabi and Mary are my little neighbor friends. They caught me out on my front swing sewing on a purse one night and talked me into making them one for Christmas. Well after much thought, I decided these girls needed to experience making their own purses. I wanted them to be exposed to the whole experience of painting on fabric, hand sewing, maybe even a little sewing on the old machine. So I invited them over yesterday for a few hours of messy fun. Their pieces are painted and they will come today to start the sewing process. I enjoyed the girls and their delight in creating. It was one of those "take time to smell the roses" moments. It was a "not all about me" moment and it was wonderful. Here are some pics...


Rhea said...

I love that they came over to create with you! How wonderful!

MagnificentDebra said...

Look at those beautiful smiles! How great that you're young friends came to play! Yea. Love the sunroom...can I borrow it?

Love the new portfolios...yep, seems like a great new venue for you...I look forward to seeing your new creations...Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you're still here!

mom said...

I am glad you have some little friends to play with and they look like they are having a ball. Love your new projects to, who can argue with velcro. LOve it

rxBambi said...

I think it's wonderful that you're teaching those girls how to do it rather than just making one for them. I'd love to know how to do stuff like that. I wish someone had taken me aside when I was younger and showed me. You rock!

m. said...

YOU are a sweetheart, les. but there's NEVER been a doubt about that!!!

happy october!

Anonymous said...

Ok OK,

I know where to send this now... email me your postal addy, OK
for real.

Kim Mailhot said...

Very cool that you created your very own "quilting circle" right on your front porch. I love it ! I only wish I lived closer so i could join in the fun !
Hope you get totally inspired by your new treats to yourself !
Hugs, Lovely Queen !

Debbie said...

I have always been attracted to quilts. I have bought a few quilt books over time. Now, ask me if I've ever quilted!

Anonymous said...

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