Monday, August 31, 2009

Bonnie and Clyde

I recently listened to a very interesting podcast about Bonnie and Clyde. ..Download it here. It is just so interesting to hear the non-glamorous things I never heard about in the old Bonnie and Clyde movie.

I can't help but wonder how Bonnie would have turned out if she would not have ended up with Clyde. But, I did learn that she had already married a no good guy before she even met Clyde. She was said to have been wearing the wedding ring from the first no good ass hole when she was with Clyde. (Some women are just magnets for men who are no good) She was 16 when she married ass hole number one. Makes you wonder about the dynamics of her family life....can't help myself.
Now, don't get me wrong....I do not condone the criminal activity of this depression era couple. I'm just intrigued with some of the information about Bonnie and I can't help but wonder why she was attracted to man like Clyde. I also can't help but wonder if her life would have been much better had she never met Clyde.

She was said to be very smart in school. We know she was creative.....remember her poem "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde"? It was also said that she loved to take photographs. It seemed that with each failed attempt for the law to raid and capture Bonnie and Clyde, rolls of film were left behind . Tons of photos were found. These photos were all obviously posed. Bonnie and Clyde dressed to a T. The first photo in this post, she was posing to look as if she was going to shoot Clyde. This second photo she is all set up in a sexy pose.
OK, I know we are not Bonnie, but girls, think about it......wouldn't we be thinking up the best photo shots? I can just imagine me as Bonnie telling everyone where to be, how to pose to get that perfect shot. "OK, lets pretend I am shooting Clyde....hey, give me your cigar.....wait until I stop laughing to take this shot....."
I'm just sayin'....get out of your normal zone and go and learn about history or something new and interesting. This might be the very thing that gets your creative juices flowing.
Oh, and if you are interested, a remake of Bonnie and Clyde is currently in progress....check it out here.


Anonymous said...

You know they say that Bonnie was the downfall of Clyde. She was supposed to be the brains behind their crime spree.

Poetic Artist said...

I dont know why but I always loved Bonnie and Clyde..

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hey sweetie, I know you won't believe this but my Grannie (Mother's Mother) met Bonnie once. I can remember my Grannie telling me how pretty she was and that she seemed really nice. Weird hu? Love ya, miss ya, Renea

priti.lisa said...

Thank you anonymous, we all know woman ruin men's ambition, LOL
You really have my curiosity ears perked now, I love history, I am checking this out. I can load this on my i-pod shuffle, we'll see. Mia is busy with school nonsense, no help on that end.
Thanks Lesley xox, Lisa

Debbie said...

I don't know much about Bonnie so this was very fascinating to me!