Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lost Soles Update

Well who'd a thunked it? My mom, is the first person to send me an entry for the Lost Soles Challenge~! (above pic)

Well, I should say my sister is first but she sent a "lost sole" pic about a week before I posted the challenge so she is in the challenge but not necessarily first. Now, I have to have other pics or I will have to choose between my mom and my sister's entry......heehee....I will just give them both a prize.......ME! LOL.....this could be bad.....real bad.......not only am I subjecting my Mother and my sister to my weird ideas and taking them on my weird journeys.....I'm making them leave proof that they are weird too. HEEHEE---LOVE IT!!!

Here is the funny sister says this challenge and my weird love for the photo of the "lost sole" reminds her of the time my mother threw her shoes out the window because she did not like the new shoes my mother bought her. I do not remember this event but she does....vividly. How funny! Maybe that is why there are so many shoes out in the world. It just all cracks me have to read the comments here to get some laughs about this topic. But, if you really want to this story that a friend shared with me. I hope the wife of this guy does not read this......heehee

OK, so a man (filthy dirty man who is having a fling with some young thing) takes his wife out to dinner one night. It's hard work being a lover AND a husband! Anyway....they are driving along in their sports car with the sun roof open......the husband (who is driving) feels something at his feet......he looks down and notices this pretty sexy sandal. Guilty of adultery...he is his girlfriends shoe.....he must get rid of it........NOW! So, he does what any adulterous man would do, he shouted , "Hey Look At That!" and pointed in the opposite direction while simultaneously throwing that shoe out the sunroof. Wife never knew.....

They arrive at the restaurant and the wife starts fumbling around under the seat. Husband asks what she is looking for, she says, "I can't find my other sandal". OMG! This is where I laugh my ass off! It was her shoe that he threw out the sunroof! But, being the asshole cheater that he is ("It Wasn't Me" song playing in the background)....he says with exasperation, "How Do You Lose your Shoe in the Car?". He acted so mad at her. I don't know how this story ends but every time I see a sandal or sexy shoe, I think of it.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hey there Lesley ! Your new look is so fun and funky ! Love the banner !
No shoe entries here but I will stay on the look out. I think you may jusy have to declare the thing a tie if you have to choose between mom and sis - would that work, or would they make you choose the weirdest one ? ;) ?
Why are some men so dumb ? But Then, why are some women dumb enough to marry them ? Happy to have my One-Woman-Man and make sure he knows it every day !
Happy Sunday, lovely Lesley !

The Fragrant Muse said...

Of course now that I'm looking I don't see lost soles anywhere.

Does taking off your shoe, running over it with the car then tossing it in the road count?? ;-)

Poetic Artist said...

I like your new banner..I have got to get help and do a better blog look..I will have to seek help.
Funny story..

deb did it said...

this story is hilarious!! now I have a new snicker on my face when I see "lost soles"

Amber said...

Love your new header......and what a great idea........i see these lost soles everywhere.

Joseph Pulikotil said...


I am amazed at your penchant for lost shoes. I suppose all great people have some weird idea or the other.

I hardly come across any lost shoe in my place. Perhaps this could be because shoes are expensive and no one wants to throw away the old ones. We would rather like to repair and use as long as possible. I have a pair of old ones in my house accumulating dust and cobwebs but I don't have the heart to throw them away.

I enjoyed the story about the husband throwing away his wife's shoe from the car. I made me laugh and at the same time it made me realize how difficult it is to play double game. I suppose this kind of double game for man or woman adds thrill to boring life but it can always ends in disaster.

Please give your mum the first prize and your sister the second prize. They have taken immense trouble to pander to your weird tendencies:)

Have a lovely Sunday:)

The Fragrant Muse said...

I saw a lost boot last week and me without my camera!

I just mentioned you in another post today!

Randy Hamilton said...

Hey there, I think you might be interested in my project, I love your stories behind the soles.

I have photographed over 300 lost soles and still counting :)