Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What Me and the Fairies Did For Labor Day

This morning I was feeding the fish and I noticed a little fishing pole on the rocks by the edge of the pond. I looked closer and I could see that the fairies had definitely been fishing. Looks like they left all their stuff there on the rocks. It makes me wonder if they saw the size of the fish and decided they needed a bigger net. Or maybe they got scared! Oh well, I just left their fishing equipment alone so they can come get it later.
I also noticed they added on a new luxury to their home or should I say close to their home? How cool! I opened the little door to their outhouse and it looks as though they have already begun to enjoy their little private potty. They left their magazine for next time. So,

it looks like the fairies did some work and had some leisure time for the 3-day Labor day weekend. Just like us.
I did my usual house cleaning and weekend chores but I decided I was going to have some fun too. Monday, I went with Craig to do some Geo caching. We found several and it was fun! That is until this!

We were at a site just before Midland, Texas exit. The box was hidden somewhere in this pine tree the shape of a Hershey's Kiss. So, I hunting all around the tree, under the branches, on the ground, in the branches, using my hands to rake the leaves away to see if the box is buried under them. Next thing I know, Craig says "don't come over here". (He was on the exact opposite side of the tree and I could see him across from me.) I thought he must be taking a whiz or something but then I asked "why?". He goes, "SNAKE!". So I go over there, far, far behind him and he asks for the camera. He took this pic. I ran back to the car and told him I was through!!!! I really had the willies because just moments before, I had been in that area digging around. This looks like a rattle snake to me....but I don't know. SHEWWWWWWWWWWWW! I get goose bumps just thinking about it.


Lisa said...

ok you crazy girl.. you said copperhead or something! gary of course is an expert and i showed it to him and he says it is a diamond back rattlesnake! he's seen many of them hunting and the minute i saw the picture i knew that's what it was. you be so careful. snake leggings are the ticket....academy, cabellas ...get some and get Craig some! stay safe luv ya lisa

Rhea Calvert said...

Yep...looks like a rattlesnake to me. Glad you had fun up until that point...it looks like the fairies have the right idea and fished all day! LOVE YOU, Rhea

Sarah said...

oh wow. I'm SO glad I do my geocaching in England where we don't have anything scary lying around!

Love the fairy home improvements :)

Kim Mailhot said...

Yikes ! Geocaching in Texas sounds dangerous !
Your fairies have one cute outhouse ! Never thought those two words would go together in a sentence...cute & outhouse ???
Be safe now !

Sacred Snatch said...

ILL, that does look like a rattler. My parents have a cabin in the wine country, but high on a hill. There are lots of rattlers over there. "Very Creepy"

BlueJude said...

I need a cleaning fairy here for sure! Yikes! Don't like those slithering beasts! Happy Thursday!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

once while hiking in the deserts of AZ, my dad trekked, Jeff trekked..leaving me third to walk by this rock .. and when I did I heard the rattle and WARNING signals!!!

So close to getting bit, I know that someone was watching over me that day. TOO CLOSE!

and heyyy, I just got back in from Fort Worth TX (well, last week, I brought back with me a Texas sized whooping cough, boo).. how close are you to Ft. Worth girlie?

Have a FUN weekend and please BE SAFE.