Sunday, September 14, 2008

Haute Handbags and Horn Tooting

I received my copy of Haute Handbags in the mail yesterday. It was a wonderful moment that I delayed until after dinner. My mother was here so we got to open it up together. Man, that was a good feeling to have my mother here with me to share my 5 minutes of fame! So we found the page my purse was on in the table of contents. How cool to see your name in the table of contents of a magazine!!!!

Me and Mama just giggled like little girls. Then we rushed to the pages. I'm so very pleased. My newspaper purse has two pages. So, I hope you will pick up the Haute Handbags Magazine and let me know what you think. I can't remember what page I'm on because I already gave the magazine to my mother so she could take it and share it with other family out of town. She does not have access to a Barnes and Noble or a place to pick one up. So just look in the table of contents when it is available. They say it comes out Oct 1st but usually that means a week before I think.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. I spent the day with my Mother and sister. We went to garage sales in Big Spring and Midland. We picked up one of my best friends; Wild Over Wine -Lisa and she joined us for a few garage sales. Oh MY GOSH! She had on the most beautiful necklace! Guess what? She made it. I hope she puts it on Etsy for you all to have a chance at it. It was FABULOUS and that is probably not a good enough word but it is early Sunday morning! Then Renea-Pocket Full of Prettys met us for lunch and they finally got to meet my mom. We all had such a nice time. Renea told us she sold another memory box on Etsy! Oh, I know she is thrilled. I just feel so blessed to be in the company of such talented women. These two ladys inspire me so!!!!

Then we had the cookout for my immediate family at my house. Wayne (moms husband) helped me figure out the secret to making actual shapes from broken china by using my dremmel. I'm hoping to try that out today. Cody could not stay with us for the evening too long because he had to go and see his fiance in a dance competition. I just feel thankful to the Lord for days like these. I'm always praying for this and that and sometimes I forget to thank!!!! So today, I thank thank thank you Lord!!!!!!


Rhea Calvert said...

YAY!!! I am so proud of you! I will look for the magazine here too! Do you remember about 10 years ago, you would say "all I want to do is be published" and look you have done it again!! Very proud of you for accomplishing one of your dreams! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday! love you, Rhea

Funky Art Queen said...

Yes, I do remember that! Thanks Rhea Rhea! Love Ya!

Lisa said...

Oh Lesley you are so talented and deserve every good thing that happens! Congratulations. I had a great time yesterday and loved your mom and sister. I'm so glad Cody can be home for a few days. Ya'll have fun and enjoy. hugs lisa oh I did add my necklace to Etsy. thanks for the comments.

Carolyn said...

WOW! Good for you! Proud of you girl!

BuTT UgLee said...

How cool is that!! Way to go girl. I will get a copy when they come out. What a great feeling!

Sabii Wabii said...

Whoo hoo girlie! How cool is that! You teased though because wihout pic's now I have to go buy the mag!
So if you're in West Texas you and Renea are safe from Ike ...right?

sashibala said...

Congratulations!!! I'll definitely have to go look for the magazine the next time I am at the bookstore... since they don't have this issue online yet. ;)

Carmen said...

Wow!!! How exciting! Congratulations! Totally deserved and I can't wait to see.

Have a great week!


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Yay! CongratYOUlations!!!

What a proud moment for you and MIL.
My MIL just looks at the pages and says, "uh huh... that's nice dear."

Good you have that CONNECTION.

Art on, Monica :)

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Oh Les I am so proud of you! And I love that purse, remember who you made it for? hee hee! I can't wait to see the magazine. We will have to get it before we go on our trip, that way we can look at it for hours @ a time. Love ya, so happy for ya, Renea

Sacred Snatch said...

Say. How did I miss this blog! Big major congratulations to you! I must buy this magazine.



M said...


ditto what everyone said! you so deserve every lovely little moment. congrats, dear lesley -- i'm so happy and so proud of you!

wonderful! xo