Monday, April 21, 2008

New Found Object Piece

I'm just intrigued with the found object jewelry. I like the idea of turning junk into treasures. I am going to call my new "line" (heehee) "Jonque A Tresor". That is "junk to treasure" in French. Don't you love that? Anyway, this is my first finished piece. I called it "Key to My Heart". This pic is not the greatest. You just gotta see it in person. I can't decide if I will list it on Etsy or try and get a bunch made and take to an Art show/fair or something. I also love my packaging. It was suggested by a friend to use tin boxes to keep with the rustic look. I did not want to spend a lot of time rusting tin boxes and preparing them so I purchased some at Michaels. You know the little gift card tins? Then, I sewed a little quilted padding out of vintage looking material for the box. I made some little cards with the "Jonque A Tresor" label.

Here is a pick of the packaging-also not a great pic. I need a better camera that takes nice close ups. My little Kodak easy share just does not do close ups. Sigh.
Cody finally called us Saturday night. It was very brief and sounded like he was reading from a script. He gave his address and was very stern like "could you please repeat that back to me". You could tell he was rushed and so basically all we got was his address and instructions about not sending packages and "bye mom I love you and Dad" CLICK! But, you know what? That did me a world of good. I just needed to hear his voice. Thanks again for all your kind words about Cody and your prayers. I pray for his success and that God will just wrap his loving arms around him. I also pray for angels to hold Cody's tongue so he don't smart off and get in trouble~! Happy Monday and hugs!


Rhea said...

I like the necklace and love the name! Glad Cody could give you an uplift for the weekend...I am sure it was good to hear from him. We are preparing a letter for him to send this week. Love you! Have a great week! Rhea

Carmen said...

Love this new found object piece!!!

Oh, wow, the memories.... I remember my first call home from bootcamp. I think I scared my mom to death. We had to pretty much call everyone ma'am and sir. I had to call my mom "ma'am" and refer to myself in third person as "recruit". I could only say what I was instructed to say. I wanted to reach through the phone and give my mom a hug and let her know I was ok.

I'm sure she was very relieved when she got the letter I sent home explaining.

I'm so glad you finally heard from him! Have an amazing week!!!



jennalee said...

love your jewelry and packaging. Very creative. And, your son is going to learn so much. What a wonderful adventure. I can't imagine though, mom.

mr said...

C'est très gentil!

FABulous, Lesley! Love it!

PLO said...

Happy Monday beautiful. I am so glad to hear that you heard from your Cody. I will continue to pray and keep him in my thoughts. Your jewelry is just amazing, and the packaging rocks! Come and see my tattoo....xoxoPaula

carolyn said...

Hi Lesley~
Love the necklace and clever idea with the tin packaging. (That rusted key hole piece is very cool) I would have a hard time selling it!
I'm glad your son got in touch with you even if for a brief time. There was probably a line of people waiting to use the phone.
be well,

mermaid musings said...

I love it Is it in your etsy, too? I gotta go and check right?? LOL

mermaid musings said...

I love it Is it in your etsy, too? I gotta go and check right?? LOL

Artmom said...

Lesley, I love this metal piece!!! It is wonderful. I am so sorry I missed your workshop at Hobby Lobby back in April - that was the day of our Prom, and I am the Prom Queen!!! Hope you will do it again soon. Also, I work with the Visual Art Scholastic Event for high school students each Feb. maybe we can talk you into a workshop at Permian High School next Feb!!! I've linked you to my blog - we west Texas gals need to stick together!!

Deb Wheeler