Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mixed Media Workshop Update

Today was my mixed up mixed media workshop at Hobby Lobby. I had 7 lovely women attend and I feel like it went real good. Today, we learned about several different background techniques. I planned on teaching 10 different techniques but time got away from us and I only did about 6-7 techniques. I have a handout on the computer if any of you bloggers want a copy just drop me an email. It is just pictures. We went through everything pretty quickly and though I mentioned several resources, I felt that I should follow up by creating a list they could print out. So, I will be emailing this link to all who provided their email address.

Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels: Just click on this link and it will take you to a great discount art supplier on-line. There is another brand called "CARAN D'ACHE"
and they may have them at Hobby Lobby. I think I have seen them there. They are skinny like a crayon and harder. They don't melt as easy but to me, they are not as smooth and messy like I prefer. If you are a neater artist, you might like these.

H20 shimmering watercolors: I found this site that sells them. Or you can do a search for "shimmering watercolors" or "twinkling watercolors". I have been getting them and the portfolio pastels on ebay.

Stazon Ink- I just prefer this brand of ink pad for the stamp and glaze technique. It is available at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. It runs about 7.99 so take a coupon or wait till they are on sale and buy several. But, you can also get them at an on-line discount art supply like this one.

Collage Elements and Photos: You may have to join flickr to get these. All of the photos in this group are supposed to be copyright free. You can get tons of great vintage pictures here. You can also get all kinds of old advertisements and all kinds of ephemera. Here is that link. Remember that it is better to get photo copies not ink jet prints. These tend to run and fade with collage.

Great Magazines
Somerset Studios-They have several different publications and I love them all. You can pick these up at Barnes and Noble.

Cloth Paper Scissors- Always full of tutorials that are so helpful. You won't ever throw this magazine away. I have some that are so beat up from going over and over them.

I hope that helps. I enjoyed the class and look forward to you coming back to the collage class on April 26th same time. More about that later.


Sandra Evertson said...

Great bog banner, love your use of color!
Sandra Evertson

PLO said...

Congrats! I am sure the class was a blast to attend! There is never enough time for new techniques!

Jenn said...

I bet your class was so fun!
Have a great week:)

mr said...

hey. i'd love to have a copy, if you're emailing one out... thanks in advance.