Saturday, April 22, 2006

Instructions to Alter Train Case

The altered train cases I do are inspired by an article I once read in the Cloth Paper and Scissors Magazine-Summer 2005. The article is titled "Time Travel" by Linda Linn. Here are the instructions that I use.


Vintage train case-or also called old cosmetic case-luggage-I usually get them off ebay but I did find one once at an antique store for 10.00.

Acrylic Paints-and Paint markers are nice to do detail work

collage elements

gel medium

polyurthane to protect-

You paint it as desired. I usually put a couple of coats to increase durability.

You add collage elements with the gel medium. Use a damp, soft rag to keep it clean and without fingerprints and smudges

Do detail work with paint markers

Coat with the polyurthane-allow to dry. Repeat a couple of times to increase durability-so it can actually be carried as luggage and survive.

Add some luggage tags. I have used soldered charms I made, old keys, all kinds of things to hang off the handle. Have fun with it.


Znglass said...

Hello! I bookmarked you a while back and I used your tutorial post on printing on fabric using your laser printer, card stock and masking tape. I have been doing that now (lots and lots) ever since, and I just thought I should pop over here and thank you. Your stuff is great, by the way. I'm really enjoying it. Your vintage traveling case makes me remember that I have a couple of those, just lying around in storage... Better get to work!

Nancy Baumiller said...

OHHHHHH these train cases are simply wonderful...I am definately bookmarking this spot...I am curious about one thing on these you mean polyurthane it before you paint? and then again after? I happen to have one of these cases and would love to try this...Thank you for sharing! :)