Friday, April 14, 2006

Gypsy Handbag

I completed another gypsy purse yesterday. I like the colors in this one. I printed on fabric using the technique I showed you previously. Then I embellished with fabric (tie dye looking) and embroidered around the pieces. I used these cool letters that are like little brads and I just stuck them through the material with the letters stuck on prior. The brads fit very tight and nice. I liked them. Then I sewed some charms and used an iron on transfer for the jewels. I was going to hang fringe off the bottom but after looking at it that way...I did not like it so I decided it was done! What do you think?
Oh I am so thrilled that it is Friday! I have planned an Easter lunch at my house for sunday afternoon with my family to include my sister (her husband away at work) and my dad. I enjoy our little gatherings like this so much. I will have to post some pics from that event! Happy Easter ...Easter Bunny "Bach Bach" ! That is what my sister says every year. She started it when a commercial about candy for easter started doing that. Heehee


Chrysti said...

Hi Again! I was wondering if you'd be interested in contributing a technique for my newest venture.. Try It Tuesdays! all info can be found there! Thanks for looking, keep up the incredible work!

Gari-Ann in Texas said...

What a cute bag!