Sunday, February 06, 2011

Thumbprint on my Heart

I love the idea of having your grand child's or your child's thumbprint on a piece of jewelry. I have seen others do this so I thought I would give it a try. I can do it easily if the person is there to put their thumbprint-still working on packaging of the fingerprint kit so I can offer these on my Etsy shop!

So while hubby is watching the Super Bowl today, I will be researching this problem and finding a test person for my first trial. Anyone want to volunteer? You would get a free heart (that might have your child's fingerprint on it) lol?!

It is a lazy Sunday and it is sprinkling outside-very cold. It is supposed to be another bad weather week. Oh, so looking forward to spring! Enjoy SuperBowl sunday! I'm looking forward to the half time show and the commercials.


Kim said...

I would love to volunteer my son's fingerprint, he is just 6 and I so love him. He is my last one. I love your jewelry. I am always checking it out.

thank you


Lesley Chandler said...

OK Kim, just send me your address! And you get to be my test pilot!