Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drawing Without Intentions

Lately I have been enjoying working in my journals and drawing pictures without any intentions what-so-ever.  I think that helps me to relax and go all kinds of places with my creativity when I create something just for the sake of creating.  I decided to do something with my eye ball people since a friend of mine pointed out that it seems like many of my subjects have big eyes and a uni brow.  I don't know why I like eyes but I do believe they are the window to the soul.  I also think, like she said, I like to take in everything visually.  Sometimes, I can hardly concentrate because so many things catch my eye where ever I may be.  I am attracted to color and interesting lines and subjects.  It could even be a simple arrangement of objects that catches my eye.  So, today I give you "Sisters.....Looking Out For Each Other".....a simple drawing tweaked a little digitally.  Have a good evening.  XOXO