Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Creative Entrepreneur

I have looked at this book for a long time at the book store.  I hesitated to get it because my first thought was that it was too right brain and not enough of the business side.  But gradually as time when by, I realized that this is the perfect book for the creative individual who struggles with their creative goals.  It is a "DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real". Keep in mind I have only started the first chapter and this is all strictly an account of my creative journey.

I have this burning desire to live a life of creativity!  I dream of someday actually earning a living doing the very thing I love! Maybe you feel this way too?  Without going into "excuse mode" I will confess that I have many barriers to my success.  It is totally up to me to remove the barriers.  I think this book will help me to further explore my personal road to creative success.  It is set up journal style which appeals to me right off.  I hope to do some serious self introspection while working through this process.  Have any of you purchased this book?  Are you working on your plans/goals?  I would love to hear from you.  I may share some of my entries and some may be personal.

Often times when I struggle with something in my life I talk to my "go to girl" my sister, Rhea.  We had a nice lunch yesterday.  I told her about my frustrations.  Through our conversation we kind of had an epiphany.  It seems that I hop around from this craft to that craft....kind of a "Jill of all trades and Master of none".  I get bored so easy with one craft.  I have always knocked myself for that.  But Rhea, said the greatest thing!  She said I should look at people like Martha Stewart.  She does all kinds of stuff!  Yes, she started out cooking and catering but she has her hands in everything.  Another epiphany is that I love to teach.....and help others be creative.  I know that this is something I am good at.  So we are talking about doing more tutorials, and exploring Podcasts and video tutorials.


Deb said...

Yes! You are a Renaissance woman, and that's a good thing! A brave woman too, for sharing her journey with us. Looking forward to hearing more about the journey!

Susan said...

Sisters are often struck by brilliance!

Mechelle said...

Sounds like an informative book.

Sabii Wabii said...

First...I have this book and READ IT! I wrote immediately after to the author. I was so impressed by her way of addressing the subject for us that have confused brains.
I agree with you about the jumping around...I call it grasshopper brain.
I recently wrote out my 100 dreams (which is very hard to do). After about five sittings of writing, I reread the list and realized that everything fell into three pretty basic categories.....try it and see what happens.
The teaching part could be great for you. I hope you pursue it. I love what Alisa Burke is doing. She never sticks to only one thing. Its her signature voice that comes through her work and so does yours! You are very colorful, whimsical and bold with your art. It usually has a "face" included whether human, animal or fantasy.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Blessings to you,