Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From Drawstring Pajamas to Project Runway

I discovered the television show "Project Runway" last year (the 6th season).  I know....kinda late, huh?  I just don't watch that much television and I don't even know how I happened upon this show.  But I love it. I appreciate the designers and their creativity.  It is so interesting to watch each designer execute their own interpretation of each challenge presented to them.

Recently, I had to make 5 pairs of zebra striped, drawstring pajama bottoms for my girlfriends and I to wear to the Sweet Potato Queen Pajama party.  By the time I finished the 5th pair, I decided I was "Project Runway" material (such grandiose delusions hee hee.) LOL!!!!  

Now..... keep in mind, I only have very basic sewing skills.  With those skills and grandiose ideas, I bought some sewing patterns and decided to start making myself some clothes.  Since I had a pajama pattern already, I decided to make myself a little nightie.  

I've had this pink printed cotton material for over a year now.  I made the nightie per instructions. I chose the correct size of pattern... I thought.  Upon completion, I tried it on and low and behold, it was just too tight in the chest area.  I was so disappointed at first.  Then I decided this is just part of the learning process.  My little sister Rhea will get this nice little nightie.  NEXT!

I decided I should do some research on how to purchase the right pattern size.  I learned that your pattern size is probably much larger than your retail clothing size.  One source explained that for vanity reasons, retail companies tend to size their clothing in smaller increments.  So, if you are normally a size "6" in store bought clothing, you might be a 10 in patterns.  Be prepared to measure your parts.  I also learned about measuring garments that I already have and comparing those measurements to the garment measurements on the back of the pattern.  Never knew that.

So, I measured my parts; waist,hips, and breast/chest area.....and I bought another pattern!  This time I would conquer a pair of pants with big fashionable legs.
 So, I found the perfect fabric for these lovely big legged pants and I bought the fabric and the notions for this pattern.

Now, not quite finished with the pattern/instructions, I find myself wondering if I should have paid more attention to length.  I think the pants will be too short....Dang it!!!! The pants appear to be quite short. Note to self, length-inseam also an important measurement.  Will see.  Maybe they will be just long enough for sandals. 

 I have decided that one can't  go from drawstring pants to fashion designer in such a short time.  These experiences are part of the learning process!  But I do hope that my experience will help you in your learning process.....Happy Sewing and Creativity Sisters!


Wendy said...

You are so funny. =-)
My daughters (18 1/2 & 20) and I LOVE Project Runway! We never miss it ('cause we have the DVR and it automatically records for us). We've been watching for a few years now. My husband just rolls his eyes and goes to the other room to watch something else. But we "girls" get all caught up in it.

Kim Mailhot said...

It is looking so fun and spring around here ! Makes my heart happy !

I have given up on sewing with patterns after multiple tries. I realized that I just don't think that way easily and I get more fun out of the designing or playing with fabrics than I do out os sewing anyday ! I will stick to birdies, and sachets and let those who love the challenge of the pattern to go for it !
Enjoy the stitches, lovely Lesley !

Susan said...

Once you find a pattern that fits you, you can adapt it in many ways. Don't give up. I have made tons of garments since I started sewing and although I don't sew clothes much any more, I still love to think back on all the things I did make. You're sewing memories!