Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Beautiful Day

This is one of my latest pieces. I love doing these pieces on wood that I have been inspired to do lately. I am knee deep in creative projects and I love it. I feel so very blessed to get up everyday and to feel excited about all that I have to do. I'm also very blessed to get to interact with some wonderfully creative people. Just today, I met so many amazing and talented people at the Stanton Trade Days. I had so much fun. Heather and I met Lisa, Meagen, Catrina, Seathen and Hannah in Stanton to enjoy all the festivities. Though is was so very hot (103 today), we managed to have a great time.

I bought a beautiful wooden dragonfly that was mosaic. (LOVE IT). I also purchased a few other things that I am very pleased with. I bought a train case that was in the most beautiful condition for only 10 dollars! That is a find. Can't wait to paint it.

It was great fun. It was also Lisa's birthday. I gave her the present I bought her and something I made her. She made it seem like it was the best gift she ever got. That is just how she is. So sweet and I just love her and her family. Happy Birthday Lisa.

Heather and I had great fun, but we had to come home and take a cold shower to try and cool down some and then I took a fabulous snappy nappy! I picked up groceries for my mother-in-law and went to see about my Dad and his dysfunctional oxygen concentrator.

Now, I am all better and about to cook some steaks on the grill and I'm enjoying a glass of white wine. Sebastian is at my feet chewing on a little is good. Thanks Be to God!


Silke said...

Your latest piece is really beautiful. I'll have to study it some more - but that background is wonderful! Sounds like you had a fun day and now a great evening!! :) Silke

Kim Mailhot said...

Here's to perfect days and our ability to see then that way ! Thanks be to God for that too !

May your Sunday be just as perfect, lovely Lesley.

(lovely lady work you are doing there as well !)

Love Kim

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hey girl, love your newest creation. We took the boys to the zoo yeterday and it was sooooo hot, it was about 99 with 95% humidity. Just about made me sick. But we had a wonderful time. Came home and took a cool bath to cool off, but NO snappy nappy! Love ya! Renea

deb did it said...

Lesley, this painting is fabulous....I am trying my hand at this scary painting thing....and happen to be loving it !! You have a thing or two to teach me.....

Funky Art Queen said...

Thanks all for your kind comments.

Poetic Artist said...

Love your lady..Sounds like you had a great weekend..Is it not fun to find good treasures..

Anonymous said...

train case??

train case??
I HOARD train cases..

what are you going to do with you store art supplies in them?